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Home care is a cost-effective alternative to extended hospital and nursing home stays. Home care services can be provided through independently owned providers or providers associated with hospitals, nursing homes or public health departments. A team of skilled professionals provides specialized medical care and support services in the patient’s home under a physician’s direction.

Medizinisches Betreuen

Medizinisches Pflegen und Betreuen

Wir geben unser Bestes um unsere Kunden ganzheitlich und individuell unter Berücksichtigung der Wünsche und Ressourcen zu versorgen. Wie unser Name schon sagt werden unsere Kunden im Rahmen ihrer Möglichkeiten bestmöglich integriert.

Persönliche Pflege

Mehr als nur Pflege

The caring employees of Elderforce provide the specific personal services necessary to make your daily living more carefree, enjoyable, and rewarding. Our goal at NSI/Elderforce, Inc. in East Hartford, CT is to become your extended family, providing a coordinated, comprehensive and personalized program of services. We understand that the individual needs of the elderly greatly vary.

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